Attention Parents of a Baseball Pitcher...

Every Year Good High School Pitchers Don't Get Recruited Because His Parents Didn't Understand How Recruiting Works...Don't Be That Parent!


Dear Baseball Mom or Dad,

If you’re frustrated with the lack of attention your son is getting from college coaches…

If you feel like you’re not getting what you paid for from recruiting services…

And You know your son is not getting the scholarship offers he deserves.

Then the following information might be the most valuable college baseball recruiting advice you ever get.

Here's why...

Over the next few minutes you’re going to hear about a unique college pitcher matching method that will reveal the simple truth of what you need to do to find the best college for your son to pitch at.

Because if you stop right now, clear your mind and take the time to read every word of this letter... you’ll discover how to build relationships with college coaches using a College Pitcher Matching process that will finally put an end to your frustration over your son not getting attention from college coaches…

And eliminate, once and for all, your anxiety around the thought you of spending thousands of dollars on recruiting services, exposure showcases and travel teams and your son having nothing to show for it.

Because the pitcher match method you’re about to hear about is NOT just another ordinary recruiting service or showcase exposure tool…

You’ll see why the relationships your family must develop with college coaches will be the single biggest factor in whether or not your son gets the opportunity to pitch in college.

I’m sure you have already heard that in the college baseball recruiting world there is huge difference between…

Getting exposure to college coaches…

Getting attention from college coaches…

And Getting offers from college coaches.

So for the next couple of minutes...

Let’s talk about exposure and what it really means...

Because the wrong approach to getting exposure to college coaches can actually hurt your son’s chance of getting the attention of college coaches.

A lot of the recruiting services out there today are “kinda like online dating services” ... you can sign up (anywhere from Free to $2,000+) to put up your son’s baseball pitching stats and academic profile on their website…

And then most parents sit back and hope for a college coach to somehow find their son’s profile among the thousands of other pitchers profiles on the same website.

Usually it’s just crickets…You get almost no views or responses from college coaches. That’s when you start to realize there has to be more to this recruiting process…

(DO NOT let profile views or the lack of profile views cause you to doubt whether or not your son is good enough to pitch in college.)

Then most recruiting services will try to sell you on the need for a great HD Video of your son pitching from different angles… That will cost you more.

(You can do it yourself or hire a local video person usually for half of the cost.)

But it’s true, a good video of your son pitching does make it easier for College Coaches to make an initial evaluation.

Then most recruiting services will try to sell you on the idea that your son needs a verified talent evaluation from trusted 3rd party source so College Coaches will know it’s not just a parent posting trumped up stats and fastball velocity numbers…

That will cost you a lot more to have their “Coaches” evaluate what level they believe you can play at.

(You can do that same thing at any credible talent evaluation showcase, they will verify your stats and velocity numbers. You don’t need to pay an online recruiting service for that too.)

But it’s true, having an independent, unbiased talent evaluation from a trusted source does matter to a lot of College Coaches.

If your son can pitch and you get him in front of the right colleges that he’s capable of pitching at, then you’ll get a lot more attention from the right College Coaches.

All 3 exposure tools they are selling can be important…You just don’t need to pay up to $2,000+ for them.

If You Just Ignore The Lack of Attention He’s Getting, It Just Gets Worse By His Senior Year...

  • So what do most parents do when this happens…they get desperate
  • Start paying more money to different recruiting services…
  • Try attending even more $300 to $900 Exposure Showcases…
  • Or hire more high priced baseball training gurus trying to get a “Quick Fix” to a glaring hole in their son’s fastball velocity on his recruiting profile.

But for most parents, none of that works.

Most Parents don’t really know how college baseball recruiting works

Most Parents don’t really know what their son needs to do to get attention

Most Parents don’t really know how to research what each college coach is looking for in this year’s recruiting class

Most parents are just sincere moms and dads who want what’s best for their son

And most parents can’t afford to continue to fork out anywhere between $3000 to upwards of $10,000 or more every year on recruiting services and exposure showcases that are probably not going to work for their son.

And what happens if you don’t change...

If you just keep doing what you’re doing?

You're gut instinct is right...Nothing will change

And your son will NOT get the attention from the college coaches you thought you were paying for…

And he most likely will not get any scholarship offers he has worked so hard for… even after you have spent your hard earned money over the last few years for your son to play for the best travel and select teams…

Paying for what you were told was the best pitching coaches and trainers…

And traveling all over the country playing in tournaments and burning up all your vacation time doing what you thought was the right thing to do to get your son attention from college coaches.

Seems a little crazy now when you look back and start adding up all the money you have doled out…it sucks big time when you feel like you wasted all that time and money and your son still has nothing to show for it.

How To Solve Your Son’s Recruiting Problem...

If your son has the desire, grades and talent to be a next level college player, then I have a College Coach relationship building solution that works for any parent even if you have never played in baseball game…

Here’s the story…

My name is Darrell Coulter,

And for the last 12 years I’ve been doing Strategic Pitching Consulting, through my company S.T.A.R.T.T. Pitching, with some of the best High School, College and Professional pitchers in the world.

The High School, College and Professional Pitchers I work with have to go through an in depth application and evaluation process to be accepted in the S.T.A.R.T.T. Program.

It's not an easy process and I only work with Pitchers that are 110% committed to getting to the Major Leagues.

I’m the guy the best Parents, Coaches and Agents reach out to because they know at the highest levels of baseball that physical talent doesn’t make you great a pitcher, it’s a prerequisite.

My High School, College and Pro clients understand there’s a lot more to pitching than physical talent…

So I teach them how to strategically use their pitches to attack and get out the best hitters in the world. (That's the real secret to Pitch Command)

My consulting fee is not cheap and a lot of parents can't afford what I charge to give their son the one-on-one help to guide them through the process to decide whether to go College or go Pro.

So I had an Idea, “What If I worked with a select group of parents to help them find the best college for their son to play at.”

What if I could teach parents how to help their son by using the same step-by step College Recruiting Process I use with every High School Pitcher.

The same system I use to help Parents decide which college is the best Academic, Financial and Baseball Coaching Staff match for their son. (No need for Expensive Recruiting Services)

And what if these parents knew the insider secrets to how the recruiting process works and what to do to find the best school for their son to play at…

Knew exactly what say to the college coaches…

And made sure their son was totally ready to go his first day on campus and only had to invest a fraction of the cost of my Pro Clients pay me.

It would save parents from the frustration and embarrassment of being taken advantage of by Recruiting Services…

It would help parents get an honest, unbiased talent evaluation so they would know what colleges would be the best fit for their son…

And on top of that, it would save parents thousands of dollars they would have spent relying on the wrong recruiting services and attending the wrong showcases.

Honestly very few High School MLB Draft Picks are emotionally, intellectually and physically ready for the Minor League experience. I know…I was one of them.

I got drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies out of High School and signed…looking back now, I wish I would have gone to college.

I had a baseball scholarship to the University of Missouri (without using a recruiting service or going to any showcases) and could have used the college experience to help me grow as pitcher and a person.

And a lot of players currently playing in the Pros were late bloomers whose parents helped them build a relationship with the right college coaching staff…

And because they found the perfect college match for their son, he got the chance to develop into a legit Pro Prospect.

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There's a difference between…Getting Exposure…Getting Attention…and Getting Offers

Fact is: recruiting services and exposure showcases are just tools for your son to get exposure to College Coaches and Pro Scouts…they don’t guarantee your son will get attention from College Coaches or Pro Scouts…

What really (excuse my language) pisses me off are the so-called “Recruiting Services” that that use high pressure sales tactics and overblown promises…

To prey on parents who don’t understand how the whole baseball recruiting process works… and con parents into spending up to $2000+ dollars for a generic internet profile and generic advice that most parents could get off the internet for FREE.

Getting attention from College Coaches and getting offers from College Coaches only comes after your son and your family starts building a relationship with the Colleges and Coaching staffs of each college that your son is good enough to play at…

Scholarship offers only come after the Coach believes in your son and the relationship they can develop together while your son pitches at his school.

Fact is: It only takes a few minutes on the Better Business Bureau site,, researching the complaints filed against certain baseball recruiting services to see several of examples of parents who felt they were taken advantage of and wasted their money too.

Yes, some are just whining parents because their son wasn’t good enough to play at the college level and they refused to take the blinders off and face reality.

But that’s not you…

And that’s not the case for many other hard working parents whose sons are good enough to play college baseball but felt like they were taken advantage of by hard selling recruiting services misleading them about what it takes to help their son get recruited to play college baseball.

So you can only imagine… hundreds, if not thousands of parents out there, who are too embarrassed to say anything because they fell for “too good to be true” sales pitches of these online recruiting services…

Unfortunately, a lot of so called “Recruiting Services” give parents nothing more than some generic recruiting profile tools, an old database of coaches emails and too many implied broken promises.

  • The implied promise you that your son will get individual exposure to college coaches, but the truth is they have thousands, if not tens of thousands of player profiles on their websites making it almost impossible for your son to stand out in the sea of cookie cutter recruiting profiles.
  • The implied promise to give you the contact information for every college Coach and show you how to contact each coach with the perfect email that will get their attention, truth is a lot of college coaches will never open these emails because they know they are from a recruiting service that is just having you spam them with generic recruiting email.
  • The implied promise that your son will get personal one on one help from their former college coach or player consultants…but for the company to make big money they need to sell the same package to thousands of parents making it virtually impossible for them to give you the personal attention you expected when you paid for their services.

Then after all that…

When your son doesn’t get the exposure and attention from college coaches they led you to expect…

They turn on you and make you feel like it was your fault because their “So-Called Recruiting Expert” supposedly told you in your first sales call… that college coaches want to hear from your son, not from a recruiting service or even you the parent.

Or, even worse, they have the guts to tell you… after they got your money that your son just isn’t good enough to play at the college level…

And won’t refund your money or stop the automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account without it being a huge hassle and fight.

You should never feel pressured into using expensive Recruiting Services or to attend Big Name Showcases.

(Before you sign an expensive recruiting service contract, make sure you read the fine print, (or call me first) because they make a lot of implied promises with no guarantee of recruiting success.)

But the truth is 90% of these recruiting services are a huge waste of time and money for most parents.

And obviously, filing a BBB complaint is the last thing you want to do…

Yet, your son has worked too hard to get to this point...

And you have to realize that there is a huge cost for YOU not doing YOUR part of the recruiting process right…

The Secret…Recruiting Is All About Relationships

College Coaches want to have a real relationship with your son and your family.

College baseball is a family and a business…

And every College Coach is counting on your son to help him win games, make him look good and hopefully not get him fired.

Plus, most Coaches want to have a positive impact on your son’s personal development as pitcher and person.

Our Pitcher Match system focuses on showing you how to help your son build a relationship with the right Coaching Staff by guiding you through the recruit/coach relationship building process… you have to understand what kind of relationship each college coach wants with their pitchers.

You can borrow my expertise as I walk you through exactly what you need to do to get your son the attention he wants and deserves.

It’s no different than my Pro Clients…Major League Organizations want to build relationships with their potential draft picks before they invest millions of dollars into the signing bonuses and development of each pitcher.

So you can see how the personal relationship between the pitcher and team can be potentially worth (or cost) millions of dollars to both the pitcher and the organization.

It’s no different in college. Relationships are the key to getting attention and scholarship offers from College Coaches.

When a parent knows and understands what each College Coach needs, then helping your son find the best college to play at becomes a million times easier.

So as overwhelming as the whole “Recruiting Process” can feel sometimes…

When you know how to build the right relationships with college coaches, you realize that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on recruiting services to help your son find the perfect college to play at.

What College Coaches Want You (The Parent) To Already Know Before Contacting Them…

  • They want you to already know they don’t have huge recruiting budgets
  • They want you to already know that they have limited scholarships to offer
  • They want you to already know that college baseball is a non-revenue generating sport and rarely do players get a full athletic scholarship
  • They want you to already know if your son is good enough to play at their school.
  • They want you to already know if your son qualifies academically to get in their school.
  • They want you to already know if you can financially afford their school.
  • They want you to already know if your son wants to play at their school and is a 100% committed to the college baseball lifestyle.
  • They want you to already know if your son will be a good character fit for their team culture?
  • They want you to already know if your son will be a Christmas Kid or Freshman Flop?

"College Coaches want you to have done your homework before you contact them."

They don’t want to be the bad guy and make your son feel like he isn’t a good pitcher.

A lot of times the coach just doesn’t have an open roster spot for the type of pitcher your son is. That doesn’t mean he’s not good enough to play college baseball.

It’s not personal, it just means that the coach doesn’t have any money or a roster spot for any pitcher like your son.

That’s just some of the super important little things parents need to research and know before trying to contact any college coach.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to do the right research on the list of potential schools your son wants to play at so you don’t waste your time on a college that is not a good match for your son.

It’s not complicated, it just takes you looking for the right information in the right places. I’ll show you exactly where to find it.

It's Time For You To Take Control

Now you’re starting to see why the key to picking the perfect college is all about the relationship between your family and the coaching staffs of each college your son is a good fit for.

So, if knowing how to build those relationships with College Coaches and finding the perfect college sounds like the college recruiting experience and outcome your family and your son wants, then let me quickly tell you about something called, The Pitcher Match Method.

It’s a complete and comprehensive one-on-one Training Program for Parents that walks you through step by step the college baseball recruiting process…making sure you find the perfect college and coaching staff for your son to pitch for.

And, I’m so confident that The Pitcher Match Method will help you find the perfect college for your son to pitch at that willing to let you try the whole system totally risk-free.

That’s right, I’ll put my money where my mouth is, if you use The Pitcher Match Method and it doesn’t help you find the best college for your son to pitch at…it won’t cost you a dime. If I can't help, then I don't want or deserve your hard earned money.

Now before I tell you everything you get and how The Pitcher Match Method works, there’s something I want you to be aware of…

The Pitcher Match Method takes time and focused work by your son and family to build real relationships with college coaches. It’s not always fun and games... it means having some grown up conversations with your son. This method is meant to make sure you find coaches that share the same values and respect for your son... as you do.

So, if you’re on some unrealistic expectation ego trip and not serious about finding the best college for your son to pitch at, this program is NOT for you.

If, on the other hand you want your son to have a great college experience, and want to find the best college for him to play at, then The Pitcher Match Method will be a great fit for you.

So, let me tell you what you get today with this program.

First off, the Pitcher Match Method isn't just a little ebook or PDF. It includes personal one-on-one conversations, audio, video, downloadable worksheets and guides that we will use together to find the perfect college match for your son.

With the Pitcher Match Method you get personalized one-on-one help from me and my team to make sure you understand exactly what you and your son needs to do every step of the process.

The 7 Step Pitcher Match Method

  • 1

    Step 1: The Pitcher Match Start Here Questionnaire.

    Everything starts with the 3 big questions that must be answered before you spend one dime on lessons, recruiting services and especially showcases. The answers seem obvious on the surface, but when you have that first open, honest conversation about college with your son and his desire to even go college, you might be surprised at his answers. Trust me, you want to know the answers to these 3 questions. It will save you a lot of heartache and potentially serious money down the road.

  • 2

    Step 2: The 9 Things College Coaches Want You to Know Before Contacting Them.

    This is an eye opening experience for most parents and what they thought they knew about college baseball recruiting. The lack of understanding these 9 things is the biggest source of frustration and disappointment for most parents as they go through the college baseball recruiting process with their son.

  • 3

    Step 3: Identifying the 6 Key Factors in Finding The Perfect College.

    The first 5 have nothing to do with baseball. The best place to start identifying potential schools is with the schools your son would want to go to if he wasn't playing baseball. I know it seems kind of counter-intuitive, but if the most important thing is your son's happiness, then this is where we must start the identifying process.

  • 4

    Step 4: Pitching Skills Pre-Assessment.

    Finally... we start digging deeper into the pitching side of the recruiting process and what skill level your son is currently at. This is why Pitcher Match is different from a recruiting service, we show each pitcher exactly what they need to pitch at the college and pro level. This isn't generic pitching lesson advice. This is advice from pitchers that have been there and done that at the highest levels.

  • 5

    Step 5: How to Build Relationships with College Coaches.

    Now its time to reach out to those Coaching Staffs of the schools we have identified as the best fit for your son. This is a game changer for most parents and recruits. We don't take the cookie-cutter approach that every other recruiting program tells you to take. We look at the personal preferences of each coaching staff and help you communicate with them by identifying their core values. The secret is building the relationship. We'll show you exactly how to do it.

  • 6

    Step 6: Narrowing Down The Choices.

    It's time now that we circle back and review all the relationships with coaching staffs that you have been developing up to this point and start looking at the Colleges that most closely match the values your son and family is looking for in a Coaching Staff. It doesn't matter at what Division your son plays at, his relationship with the coaches will determine how successful his college baseball experience will be. You have to weigh the Pro's and Con's of each potential choice.

  • 7

    Step 7: Decision Time!

    What school does your son pick? Now the real work begins, we have to make sure your son shows up on campus on day 1 ready to go. This is another huge advantage of the Pitcher Match Method. We will work with your son to make sure his first year expectations are realistic and focused. He won't be a Christmas Kid or Freshman Flop.

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How To Start Using The Pitcher Match Method

  • Schedule Free Call to see if Pitcher Match is a good fit for you and your family. No sales pitch, just a real conversation about what it takes to play at the college level.
  • If we both decide you're a good fit for Pitcher Match we'll schedule the Step 1 call and get you started immediately on the Pitcher Match Recruiting Relationship Builder Plan.
  • Every parent we work with starts here. Our goal is to save you a minimum of $5000 dollars, 100+ of hours of your time wasted focusing on the wrong things and show you exactly how the College Baseball Recruiting Process really works.

So if you are sick and tired of all the negativity from other parents,

If you've had enough of the cut-throat college recruiting environment.

Then schedule your free call right now.

We'll help you put an end to all the confusion and guide you through exactly what you need to do.

No more wasted money...No more wasted time...No ruined relationship with your son.

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"I am not the baseball guy in our family, my son is. Without the guidance and expertise of Darrell Coulter I would be lost. Darrell's quest for educating parents and his know how in helping pitchers achieve their goals is exceptional. My time with him is priceless and his counsel is invaluable. He has helped me to better understand the baseball world and the world of a pitcher so that I can clear the way for my son to do what he really wants to do, which is to play the game he loves for as long as he can."

- Victor S. (Dad of Alex a High School Pitcher)
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